Energy Balance (100 points)

Cumulative Net Energy

PV Normalization Data and Calculations (2.1 MB)

Note that only the solar electric (PV) system production was normalized. Energy consumption was not normalized for the following reasons:

  • Complete, accurate, as-built documentation of the houses was not available when the models were being developed. Therefore, the models could not be completed.
  • With the exception of Dhofar, the energy consumption normalization would not have changed the Energy Balance scores because the teams produced so much more energy than they consumed.
  • In the case of Dhofar, the house would not have consumed any more or less energy if the weather had been different than it was because a) all the HVAC components are passive and/or manually operated; and b) the team confirmed that the manual operation schedule of the energy-consuming HVAC components was dictated entirely by non-weather considerations.