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Click on the buttons below to view live data dashboards. Visit the Data Acquisition System page for measurement details.

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  • The RTMCDataLoadingIcon icon indicates that data is either loading or not available. Note that the “Last 30 Hours” charts may take several minutes to load.
  • The Dhofar house is located in Salalah, the Nizwa house is located in Nizwa, and the HCT, GUtech, and SQU houses are located in Muscat.
  • The data updates automatically on a set time interval. The interval duration will increase as site traffic increases.
  • In consideration of other users, do not leave dashboards open unless you are actively viewing the data.
  • Approximately 5 MB of data are transferred over the network every time you click on one of the red buttons below or refresh your browser after a dashboard is open. Data will continue to be transferred over the network as the dashboard updates itself. Depending on your internet service provider or mobile network provider, data charges may apply.
  • The dashboards show raw data collected by the data acquisition system. Adjustments are made during post-processing, as necessary.
  • If you suspect a problem with the data, please contact the Oman EcoHouse Competition organizers to notify them of the problem.